MAPAUA-AFRICA is an organization devoted to the promotion of Sustainable Peace, Good Governance Advocacy and Poverty Eradication with Africa as our main focus. Our principal means of achieving our goals are through enlightenment, seminars, conferences, interventions, conflict resolutions, mediations, publications, lectures and deployment of peace emissaries as the need arises.

At MAPAUA AFRICA, Peace is not merely the absence of conflict but the presence of harmony, justice, and understanding. It is a shared responsibility that transcends borders and ideologies. as individuals, communities, nations, and the global community, we must continually strive for peace in all its dimensions. In doing so, we can build a world where the universal aspiration for peace becomes a tangible reality for generations to come.

we express our sincere admiration for the strength and dedication for Humanitarian and Philanthropic service, this kind demonstration goes along way, in our own little way to appreciate individuals who in one way or the other has given back to society, we recognize and Honor them with MACA PEACE AMBASSADOR/ NATION BUILDER AWARD AND GARMENT OF HOPE.

Our educational program seeks to develop capacities of global leaders with focus on promoting the principles that fosters Good Governance and peaceful co-existence of societies. We aim to collaborate with various world Governments , UN Agencies and other Diplomatic Missions to support the mandates of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We are working closely with United Nations Associations who exists in various countries to lubricate and oil the wheels of relationships between the United Nations and the people of member states and also create public awareness on the various activities of UN. By working with UN across Africa, our core objectives extend further to:

•Promotion of Sustainable Peace and Good Governance Advocacy

  • Strengthening Democratic Processes
  • Election Monitoring
  • Alleviation and Eradication of Poverty
  • Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals
  • Encouraging Security and Disarmament
  • Promotion of Human Rights and Human Dignity
  • Assisting in the provision of Humanitarian needs
  • Training and Orientation of Community Peace Ambassadors.

Our Mission is officially registered across the African continent, We are currently operating in the following countries: Ghana, Togo, Cameroon, Kenya, Ivory coast,, Zambia and South Africa.
MAPAUA-AFRICA function in these countries through Country Directors, Country Chiefs, Special Envoys, Advisory Boards and Committees who discharge their responsibilities as charted by the Supreme Council after taking into consideration the pressing challenges that needs attention in our list of goals and objectives.

MAPAUA-AFRICA is governed by High ranking personalities and professionals who are experts in various fields informing the general public of the activities, importance and values of the United Nations. Our highest decision-making body is the Supreme Council headed by the Global President AMB. Nyam Terkimbi Terry Other prominent diplomats, university dons, seasoned technocrats, senior public servants, senior security officials, Royal Father’s and recognizable individuals who have made their marks join him at the table of the Supreme Council to coordinate and direct the affairs of the organization.

We have successfully carried out various activities highlighted above in several countries.
All project done by MACA NATION is a charity event and fund raising programs, as we channel every funds back to community development

•OUTREACH PROGRAM is done every first week of the month, MACA Outreach program, a distribution of toiletries and food items to Widows, People living with disabilities, medical checkups, provision for Sickle Cell Patients.

•100 NAIRA BACK to SCHOOL CAMPAIGN. a template designed for government officials, business men and women, industries to support MACA NATION as we give scholarships, Renovation of class rooms and distribution of school items through the the 100 Naira campaign.

  • IDPs & INMATES. The recent escalation has led to the distribution of many villages,instilling a negative impact on the population and depriving them of all human rights.
    Many children are being exposed to violence and most of them have lost hope in pursuing their dreams and aspirations,people have been internally displaced and have no place to seek for refuge.
    Houses and shops have been burnt or even flood has driven them away from their homes and places of business also.
    Majority of the displaced are women and children and many of them are growing more vulnerable as the violence, and are in need of assistance.
    In view of these MACA NATION wish that people will see in this same line to bring help like
    1 food
    2 beverages
    3 medical checkups
    4 cloths and bags
    So that they will come back to their right to live and have a comfortable life.

To become the most trusted credible platform developing Programmes that will contribute to the promotion of Peace and Unity in Africa.

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