Project One Kaduna

Project One Kaduna is a community program designed to create more awareness and empower the people of Kaduna state at large.

During the colonial era, the city of Kaduna was made the capital of Northern Nigeria Protectorate by British leadership. The name Kaduna is believed to be a corruption of the Hausa word kada, which means crocodile; the Kaduna River previously hosted a large crocodile population.

Project One Kaduna / We One Southern Kaduna an awareness program created to educate and update the people more on peace development, selling the rich culture and heritage as a part of our contribution to see Kaduna great again, our little contribution to the development is by helping to provide food, security or giving assistance to disaster-prone areas, we give our best to make every project possible. We are dedicated to every program where we could lend a helping hand.

To consistently create awareness, provide timely and credible feedback; positively change attitudes, values and behaviours; accurately and adequately inform; and sufficiently mobilize people to act in ways that promote peace, harmony; and national development.

Development among all ages and gender, social and cultural values and awareness which will inculcate the spirit of patriotism, nationalism, self-discipline and self-reliance;
Encourage the people to actively and freely participate in discussions and decisions on matters affecting their general welfare;
Promote new sets of attitudes and culture for the attainment of the goals and objectives of a united Kaduna;

Cultural Values

  • Establish social institutions and framework for deliberate exposure of our people to democratic norms and values for a virile, peaceful, united, progressive and disciplined society;
  • Propagate and promote the spirit of dignity of labour, honesty and commitment to qualitative production, promotion and consumption of home produced commodities and services;
  • Propagate the need to eschew all vices in public life including corruption, dishonesty, electoral and census malpractice, ethnic parochial and religious bigotry;

Cultural Values are what make diverse cultures unique
Multiple cultures are residing on earth side by side. These cultures are very distinct from each other so are their cultural values. And these differences are making our world full of diversity. Here are some facts about culture and cultural values which will definitely interest you.

The US is a melting pot of cultures. The country is so loved worldwide because of its acceptance of people from various ethnicities and backgrounds with open arms into their land.

If one can see beyond the tangible cultural aspects then one can see the actual importance of it. Culture works like the vein of the society through which the life flows. Cultural values binds people together which makes them strong and united. It makes people learn tolerance and understand brotherhood which paves the path of social harmony, economic improvement and physical well being of the community and the others.

Examples of culture:

A particular culture has multiple examples which are quite different from other culture’s examples in nature. Here are the examples which can be observed in any culture:

Rituals and Ceremonies
Traditional Economy
Forms of government
Social organization
Music and many more.
The impact of cultural values on the culture itself:

A culture is nothing without its values. The cultural values are considered as the spine of any organizational culture to which they belong to. They provide the right guidance to the people which results in positive performances and behaviour. They affect people’s attitude towards life and their way to allocate resources and improves their life skills.

Project one Kaduna (THEME: Love in Da City) is a non-religious, non-political, non-profit charity organization, an awareness program created by MACA NATION to empower the people and promote peaceful coexistence in kaduna state.

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