The Fact Files Show

The Fact Files Show is a Television and Web Series designed to profile individuals hard work in service, airing on Top TV stations in and out of the country

A Reality TV Show and Documentary profiling individuals with their permission as special guest on “Da Traffic Jam Show”, creating and updating the society about their personal lives and more awareness letting the public know Who is Who in service.

“Fact Files” helps in promoting and documenting individuals ambitions, organization and gaining more trust to serve the public better, we create memorable documentaries of previous activities and projects ahead.


  • Social Media presence, by posting and engaging photos, videos on top social media platforms

•Engagement on our official website and YouTube channel GGTV.NG and G-eCO Radio

  • Full media publicity and advert with all our media partners, Radio and print media.
  • Special Mention and acknowledgement during programs

to gain more trust from the people.

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